Automotive Products That Maximize Your Vehicle’s Performance

Express Care is the place to go for oil changes in Maple Ridge. But in case you didn’t already know, we are so much more than just your friendly neighbourhood oil pitstop. We offer up a host of other great services and products, guaranteed to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Read on to learn about some of the major automotive products that will make the most of your engine.

Brake Fluids

You have a lot riding on your brakes. Don’t ignore them. Brake fluid is essential in stopping your vehicle properly. Over time, brake fluid can absorb moisture, compromising your brake’s operation. To ensure optimal stopping and handling performance, we offer premium brake fluids to meet your vehicle’s demands.

Transmission Products

If you want to keep your transmission in tip-top shape, transmission fluid is a must. This vital lubricant helps to ensure smooth gear shifts. When transmission fluid levels get too low, contaminants can collect in your engine, causing major damage and costly repairs. Low on transmission fluid? Drop on by Express Care for the best transmission products in the business.

Power Steering Products

Power steering fluid plays a crucial role in making steering smooth and easy. If you neglect to change the fluid, you might run the risk of damaging the power steering pump, and that will impact your ability to control the vehicle. Keep your power steering system working its best with our great line of power steering products.

Antifreeze and Radiator Products

Coolant helps to absorb heat in your engine by passing it through the radiator. When the coolant breaks down, contaminants and rust can form, causing your engine to overheat. Don’t put your cooling system at risk. We stock the highest quality coolant products for all kinds of automotive applications.

Engine and Parts Cleaners

You’ve invested a lot in your vehicle. You’ll want to do all that you can to boost engine performance, increase your car’s lifespan, and improve fuel economy. That is why we offer a full solution-based engine and parts cleaning line to help give your car the complete care it deserves.

Spray Lubricants

Creaking doors? Sluggish hoods? Sometimes a little lubricant can make a huge difference. If you want to put an end to squeaks and sticking, we can help with that. Our spray lubricants will help keep your entire car noise-free and working smoothly.

Sure, fresh engine oil is a must for any vehicle. But your ride also relies on a variety of automotive products to ensure peak performance.

When you want to make the most out of your vehicle, visit one of our Express Care locations in Maple Ridge. We have all the products you need to protect and enhance the life of your vehicle.

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